35 Awesome Coffin Nail Designs You'll Flip For in 2023

Coffin nails became popular in the early 90’s and still haven’t lost their exclusive appeal. This special fingernail shape often reminds people of a coffin. However, it doesn’t make it any less attractive. No matter how much pretty dress do you wear, it is your nails that gives an addition to everything. Keeping your nails simple and elegant with a little bit of shine and sequin at times makes your hand look beautiful.

You can always experiment with colours, textures making your nails shiny or matte. Try on more colours and coffin nail designs to match long, thin and straight tip nails. If you are looking for a very fabulous nail look, then here are some of our coffin nail designs you can experiment with.

35 Awesome Coffin Nails Designs You'll Flip For in 2019 img 35